Portfolio Category: Special Surface Spray Paint

  • Polyurethane Finish

    Polyurethane Finish

    Overview A quick-drying, ultra-tough clear finish for use on wood, metal or painted surfaces. Seals, protects and enhances. Non-yellowing formulation....

  • Radiator Enamel
    Radiator-Enamel Radiator-Enamel Radiator-Enamel

    Radiator Enamel

    Overview An ultra-tough, heat-resistant enamel that is specifically formulated for finishing / refinishing the exterior of radiators. Features • Washable...

  • Stove & BBQ Spray
    Stove & BBQ Spray Stove & BBQ Spray

    Stove & BBQ Spray

    Overview A quick-drying, ultra-tough heat-resistant finish designed for stoves, BBQs, engines, radiators and other metal items. Applications Designed for stoves,...

  • Surface Primer

    Surface Primer

    Overview A quick-drying primer designed to provide a tight bond for spray painting on bare or painted wood, metal, ceramics...