Mellerud Drain-Ex Active Gel

Thoroughly frees backed-up drains and pipelines, dissolves residues completely, distributes itself evenly in pipeline and drain. The intrinsic product action also eliminates unpleasant odours.

Suitable for plastic and metal pipes, since no heat is produced by application of the product. Effective in washbasins, sinks, shower trays, bathtubs, toilets and other drains. Rapid dissolution of residues from food, soap, hair, cotton wool, etc. in drains and pipelines.

Remove backed-up water in case of drain and pipeline blockage. Pour approx. 250 ml (1/4 bottle) into the drain opening. Allow about ½ hour for product to work. Flush through thoroughly with warm water. In stubborn cases, repeat procedure and let stand overnight. To prevent development of odours, put 50 ml of Pipe-Free Active Gel in the drain once a week and allow product to work.

Avoid splashing onto sensitive surfaces such as aluminium, lacquer, plastic, wood and wipe off immediately. Contains sodium hydroxide. Can cause severe caustic burns. Store under lock and key and out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes flush out immediately with plenty of water and consult a physician. Wear suitable gloves and protective goggles when working with product. In case of an accident, or if you do not feel well, consult a physician immediately (present this label if possible).

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