Tiling Products

Tile Adhesives

  • Standard Set: C-13  – Type C2TES1
  • Standard Set: S-12  – Type C2TE
  • Fast Set: Rapid Set Flexible Grey  – Type C1FES1
  • Fast Set: Rapid Set Flexible White  – Type C1FES1
  • Fast Set: Rapid Set  – Type C1F
  • Fast Set: Versafix  – Type C1TE

Floor Levelling Compounds

  • Level Pro X80 – up to 80mm
  • Level Pro R50 – up to 50mm
  • Floor Levelling – up to 3mm
  • Latex Floor Levelling – (2-part) up to 20mm


  • Panabond Wall and Floor Grout
    – available grey, white, ivory
  • Panabond Système Wall and Floor Grout
    – available  white, ivory, grey, silver grey, beige, black, brown, cream, jasmine, stone grey, titanium

Trims & Seals

Full range of trims, seals, expansion joints, waterproof membranes, CI Matting etc.

Tile Care

Mellerud products: Mould Killer, Mould Killer Chlorine-free, Mould Inhibitor, Grout Protector, Grout Cleaner, Wall and Floor Cleaner, Cement Residue Cleaner, Silicone Remover, Tile and Stone floor Heavy duty Cleaner, Marble Clean & Care, Laminate and Cork Clean

Sealguard products: Grout & Tile Sealer, Gold Label Impregnator, Porcelain & Stone Impregnator, Sure-CleanGuadi